Ciotti Associates is a studio operating in the disciplines of architecture, communication and design. It conducts research at national and european architecture and design universities, develops products for design oriented companies, coordinates architecture and interior design projects, and carries out cultural initiatives for public bodies, institutions and private clients in Italy and abroad.

Il Melograno, Restaurant

— Varese, Italy

Interior design project for a pizza restaurant near the historic centre of the city of Varese. The space is characterised by the use of a few selected materials such as raw iron, wood and multicoloured tiles laid in a random chromatic design that decorates the covering of the service and reception counter. A clever and simple lighting project guarantees the right level of comfort for guests and dining room staff.


International competitions, Piazza della Repubblica, Municipality of Varese

— Varese, Italy

Curatorship, communication and design management dedicated to international design competitions for the redevelopment of the urban area of Piazza della Repubblica and via Ravasi, Varese. This project involved creating a corporate identity, organising press conferences, managing media contacts and press office activities, updating specific social channels, curating and organising cultural events, and coordinating graphic artefacts and specific editorial publications.


Mirella, Pendant Light, 3F Filippi

— Bologna, Italy

Suspended lighting fixture developed for the 3F Architectural collection. Simple and at the same time refined, the luminaire consists of an aluminium body that houses the technology and a moulded methacrylate shape that accompanies the flow of light.
The integration of these two elements means that the visual perception of the lamp within the space changes during the hours of the day.